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It's Time You Fully Embraced Digital Transformation

Our re-imagined Intelligent Information Management solutions provide a set of fully connected content services that control the entire digital flow of all your electronic media from intelligent capture to secure destruction.

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Extract Intelligence from your paper

Extract the intelligence locked into your paper content to power your business processes and enhance the manner in which you, your colleagues, customers and partners interact.

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Intelligently manage your business flow

The key to an effective operation is making decisions in an efficient and informed manner. Ensure that people both inside and outside your organisation are presented with the right information at the right time.

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Digitally transform your business

Bring your company into the digital age and change the manner in which your employees, customers and partners, collaborate with enterprise content.

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Intelligent Information Management

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Smart Content Management

We ensure that your documents, images, emails, etc. are easily accessible from a variety of applications. MS Office, Outlook, Web Browser, iPhone or Android, whatever your preferred interface. Our scalable, secure, fully supported solution provides everything that you require to collaborate with the important people in your business.
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Smart Content Processes

Delivering the appropriate content to the right people at the right time is important to any business. Our solution ensures that your key business processes are mapped to allow the appropriate review and approval of your documents occurs with the minimum of delay.
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Smart Content Capture

Paper maybe convenient, but it is a challenge to any digital transformation thinking. Take advantage of the value that is contained within the words and numbers through the implementation of a smart digital conversion strategy.
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Smart Content Services

Migrating content from legacy systems? Converting a wide variety of paper documents? Tailor your Intelligent Information Management solution to meet your specific requirements and simply extend the standard functionality through our extensive range of experienced professional services.
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Total Cost of Ownership

Our unique deployment model allows you to significantly reduce the costs of running your Intelligent Information Management solution. Through simply moving your processing to the cloud, you are able to reduce the costs of on-site hardware, day to day maintenance of the system, software upgrades, patches, power consumption and overall support costs.

Return On Investment

The time is long overdue to have a solution that meets a key set of intelligent information management requirements in a smart and concise manner. Our solution ensures that you are able to immediately start to see a Return on the Investment you have made.

GDPR – The New Era in Privacy Regulation

Our Smart Capture advanced document capture platform can meet just about any need when it comes to unstructured data in the form of documents in the cloud or on-premises; we can assist your organisation to comply with any privacy regulation.



Our Intelligent Information Management solutions help your organisation locate and identify the documents that contain personal information and that require the appropriate level of management and protection.


Intelligent Information Management can provide enhanced security controls that enable organizations to quickly respond to vulnerabilities and identify breaches.


Our technology can be used daily and can be embedded in an organization’s workflow to help manage new and existing content.


By creating a private information catalog and inventory, your documents and unstructured data are available so you can easily comply with requests.