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connect employees, customers, partners and suppliers with processes and content

Regardless of the size or type of organisation you are, there will be a wide variety of content related information which you need to manage and involve others within the process of its production, management and distribution. Human Resources, Legal, Finance, Marketing, as well as many other departments, are all producing documents and collaborating with others both inside and outside of your company in order to foster input, review, approval and distribution. In addition, the ability to control these documents as secure records and manage their regular review and controlled destruction is key, if not mandatory, in a wide variety of cases. 
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take your organisation to the next level NOW!

With our extremely cost effective, mobile enabled, open source, cloud first solutions, you can capture, create, store, manage and distribute your documents and other unstructured content easily at a very affordable price. Our fully supported and managed, pre-configured Primed application allows you to immediately get your users productive; then grow your system at a pace to match your budget and your requirements. Enable the automation of your business processes, increase productivity and collaboration with colleagues, customers and partners in a fully controlled and fully audited manner.
Primed - Digital Flow as a Service - Alfresco, Ephesoft, AWS

Improve the manner in which your employees, customers and partners collaborate with enterprise content. Streamline your business processes and enable users to get the information they want, when they want it and ensure that your digital transformation has a solid foundation that will guarantee success. Our flexible, agile, open source, scalable, rapidly deployed cloud solutions securely enable your content with acambah Primed, powered by Alfresco, Ephesoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS),to provide a resilient platform to build the future of your organisation. 
digital flow - connect people with processes and content
It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."
Leon C. Megginson
Extract meaning from your content - Alfresco, Ephesoft, AWS

Paper maybe convenient, but it is a challenge to any digital transformation thinking. Take advantage of the value that is contained within the words and numbers through the implementation of a digital conversion strategy. Convert, analyse, classify, store and then maintain your documents within acambah Primed. Once converted, these become powerful digital assets that are an integral part of your day-to-day business operation. 
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Our wide range of solution services assist you in mitigating the risk associated with the management of Digital Flow within your organisation and drives success by enabling your content ready for digital transformation. Our Alfresco, Ephesoft and Amazon Web Services (AWS) experience has already assisted many organisations in developing a smarter and more successful business operation. Take a look at how our experience can assist you with your digital transformation. 
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