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About Acambah

We have worked in the ECM space for many years with a wide range of customers from multiple business sectors and successfully implemented a variety of solutions on-premises and cloud (private, public and hybrid). We bring this experience to you with a unique offering that allows you to get your enterprise content under control, ready for digital transformation, and enables your workforce to collaborate with your customers and business partners in a highly efficient manner.

Who We Are

We are an innovative organisation with many years experience gained in both Vendor and Services organisations. Our understanding of the typical requirements of an Intelligent Information Management system have enabled us to provide a pioneering solution that can have you live with your system in a much shorter time frame than is typically achieved. To assist this, our fully qualified and certified team provide services that cover the full implementation life cycle including programme management, project management, architectural design, solution design, application development, content and data migration, application support, and training. We have developed partnerships with organisations that we feel will enhance our offerings, such as Alfresco, Ephesoft and Amazon Web Services; we are always happy to discuss with others that are appropriate and like minded.

Our History

Our team has significant experience working in the Document Capture and Management space having implemented a wide variety of capture, management and content processing solutions for a wide variety of organisations, from enterprise wide applications for large corporations to smaller departmental and bespoke applications.


Most recently, our focus has been based on the integrating the powerful capture capabilities of Ephesoft with a range of document management technologies including Alfresco, MS SharePoint, Box and Documentum technologies and we are continually improving on the efficiency of deploying and integrating these with other technologies to reduce the total cost of ownership and increase the return of investment to match your expectations.


Over the years we have assisted many organisations to implement powerful content centric applications across a wide range of industries. With a wide breadth of experience delivering business and technical consultancy services for both vendors and specialist ECM consultancies, we are primed to assist your organisation achieve the highest levels of quality, performance and standards that you set out for your own organisation.


Our innovative thoughts, leadership and vast experience are driving the ongoing enhancement of the continually evolving Primed suite of products that deliver Intelligent Information Management services comprising Smart Content Management, Smart Content Capture and Smart Content Process.

Why Acambah

The word “acambah” is a derivative of the hindi “अचंभा”, which means amazement, astonishment, marvel, wonderment to name but a few. We feel that these terms describe the innovation behind our solutions and services very well and drive us to continuously improve our offerings and provide the market with solutions that will solve your challenges today and become increasingly more cost effective.

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Total Cost of Ownership

Our unique deployment model allows you to significantly reduce the costs of running your Intelligent Information Management solution. Through simply moving your processing to the cloud, you are able to reduce the costs of on-site hardware, day to day maintenance of the system, training costs, software upgrades, patches, power consumption and overall support costs.

Return On Investment

Our cloud solution provides a secure and flexible platform that gives you a significant competitive edge, it also helps cash flow by eliminating the need for capital investment. Environments can be rapidly deployed on demand and enable you to realise the benefits across your whole Intelligent Information Management implementation cycle with the minimum of delay.

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