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Alfresco offers a rich set of features, a clean and simple user-friendly package with the additional bonus of being an open source open standards platform, which means we can use it right across the board without having to spend large sums on licences — the money saved is being spent on front line services rather than software.

Gavin Beckett, Chief Enterprise Architect

We have a lot of business leaders who have been here 20 years, doing things the same way. We thought pulling off a cultural change was going to be a challenge, but it turns out, once you get people engaged and excited about something, they trigger the change and you don’t have to drag them along. Today, change is a way of life for people we didn’t think it would be easy to convince to change at all.

Brian Gray, Managing Director of Application Development

This solution has been a sea of change for us. We’re moving toward paperless workflow and we’ve opened doors for scanning on the front end. It’s a very positive change.

Susan Hartsock, Information Technology Supervisor

As we learned more about the functionality of Ephesoft we have realized that it could be used to improve the efficiency of many other document-centric processes across the council. A good example is our spending approval processes. The product wasn’t originally deployed for these types of projects, but by thinking differently and expanding the number of use cases we’re helping to maximize the value we can leverage from the tool.

Robin Lewis, EDRM Domain Manager, Bristol City Council

Everything for us is built around the Alfresco platform. Our researchers no longer lose valuable time searching for documents or reformatting, so it really has helped us to streamline the research we are doing. It’s really core to our research methodology.

Jerorn Derynck, ICT Director

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Total Cost of Ownership

Our unique deployment model allows you to significantly reduce the costs of running your Intelligent Information Management solution. Through simply moving your processing to the cloud, you are able to reduce the costs of on-site hardware, day to day maintenance of the system, training costs, software upgrades, patches, power consumption and overall support costs.

Return On Investment

Our cloud solution provides a secure and flexible platform that gives you a significant competitive edge, it also helps cash flow by eliminating the need for capital investment. Environments can be rapidly deployed on demand and enable you to realise the benefits across your whole Intelligent Information Management implementation cycle with the minimum of delay.

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