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Paper maybe convenient, but it is a challenge to any digital transformation thinking. Take advantage of the value that is contained within the words and numbers through the implementation of a digital conversion strategy with the acambah Intelligent Document capture solutions. Convert, analyse, classify, store and then maintain your documents within acambah Primed. Once converted these become powerful digital assets that are an integral part of your day-to-day business operation.

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It impossible to propose that your organisation is serious about digital transformation and prepared to compete in todays’ marketplace, without first considering the mountain of paper that is generated and processed on a daily basis, either by you, your colleagues or by the constant stream of post that comes through your letterbox. With paper, comes a manual business process, which can be slow, laborious, subject to human error and delays, with a very limited audit trail and this needs to be addressed in order for your organisation to survive.

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.”

Leon C. Megginson

There is a plethora of knowledge that is contained within the words and numbers in any content and extracting this intelligence from paper into digital format can be achieved through the implementation of an smart, integrated digital conversion strategy. This is not only so that the converted document can be stored and maintained within a secure content repository, but once converted, it also becomes a powerful digital asset that is an integral part of your day-to-day business operation and can participate in the wide variety of processes that are enacted on a daily basis both inside and external to your organisation.

For document conversion to be truly beneficial, it should be intelligent and extract key metadata from the document, so that it can be automatically classified and routed to the correct people for their action. In addition to the extraction of metadata, the process should also identify the specific type of document being handled. Following conversion, the digital documents can be placed onto a business process to carry out further analysis and classification. If required, they can be reviewed, marked up, approved and distributed securely both internally and external to the organisation.

Through the definition and implementation of a structured process that will convert, analyse, classify your content, which are then stored and maintained within a secure content repository, these can then be simply distributed and made available to all relevant people both internal and external to your organisation. Once converted, your paper content becomes an extremely powerful digital asset that is an integral component of your day-to-day business operation.
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According to a recent study conducted by the Association of Information and Image Management (AIIM) entitled “Paper Wars 2014 – An Update from the Battlefield,” more than 77% of organizations report that their document capture solution has more than paid for itself within 18 months and 60% within 12 months. However, with an intelligent, smart document capture solution that is fully integrated with a powerful, secure, open source content repository, with flexible business process management, such as acambah Primed Digital Flow; rapidly deployed using automated tooling, you can be operational in significantly shorter time frames.

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Total Cost of Ownership

Our unique deployment model allows you to significantly reduce the costs of running your Intelligent Information Management solution. Through simply moving your processing to the cloud, you are able to reduce the costs of on-site hardware, day to day maintenance of the system, training costs, software upgrades, patches, power consumption and overall support costs.

Return On Investment

Our cloud solution provides a secure and flexible platform that gives you a significant competitive edge, it also helps cash flow by eliminating the need for capital investment. Environments can be rapidly deployed on demand and enable you to realise the benefits across your whole Intelligent Information Management implementation cycle with the minimum of delay.

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