What is Digital Flow?

what is Digital Flow and why should you care?

We are all well aware that the management of the large variety of information created, received or sent on a daily basis is growing increasingly challenging. The responsibility is on all of us to better manage the information both inside and outside the firewall. The need to have an enterprise wide solution that provides us the correct version of a document or record at a time when we need it is of particular importance. Combine this with the need to be able to collaborate with a variety of people and systems both inside and outside of the organisation on multiple devices to achieve our business goals drives the need for a connected content and process solution for your organisation today!

connect your people to their content and processes

In order to maximise the benefits from your acambah Primed Digital Flow as a Service solution and fully take advantage of digital transformation within your business, you need to ensure that you have the key building blocks in place to provide applications that can capture and manage your content and improve your business processes.

key concepts of digital flow

design thinking

Before any solution is implemented, it is important to understand the answer to two key questions: Who are you providing a system for and what challenges are you solving for them? The key thought process for the design of a product, process, or service should be that it needs to solve a specific problem for a specific user, with the goal of achieving the user’s desired outcome.

platform thinking

Speed, Scale and Secure are the three key components that need to underpin the solution you have designed, so it is important to provide a platform that is capable of scaling to match the requirements of the user base as they are demanded, whilst also providing the necessary security and performance. At the end of the day, the success of your solution will be measured by the ability of an individual to be able to carry out the tasks that are important to them with minimal interruption by technology.

open thinking

Probably one of the most important features of any solution and its ability to be able to scale to meet the ever changing demands of the users is the ability to be able to communicate with other applications. It is therefore essential that the solution provided embraces open standards and is able to exchange data and content with external parties, of course still in a secure and performant manner. With this approach, the solution provided becomes infinitely scalable from a functionality perspective, simply plugging in the appropriate open service to resolve the next challenge.
graphic of building blocks

must have features

document management - Securely store and manage documents in a structured way, ensuring that the content and the context is captured.

search – Provide easy access to find the documents or information that the user requires.

collaboration – Improve the way of sharing and working on documents, content and reports for both internal colleagues and external third parties, whether in project groups or one-to-one.

records management – Mark a document as a point in time record and provide automatic disposal of information when required by legislation.

business process management – Map out and manage the flow of content and documents through a business process reducing the time taken to perform tasks and providing more accountability.
Document conversion tools

key add-ons

document capture and conversion - Paper information hampers the progress towards digital transformation. Therefore, it is imperative that hard copy information is converted and key information intelligently extracted, captured and stored within a location that is accessible by everyone that needs it, thus enabling powerful search, retrieval and reporting on your content.

archiving – Many organisations are required to keep content for many years, in most cases this content is never accessed but must be held for reference and in case of any litigation. Archiving provides the ability to move documents and information that is no longer needed for day-to-day operation onto cheaper storage medium.

reporting and analytics – Providing the facility to report on your content and processes, with the ability to drill down and understand your data, allowing you to make more informed business decisions.
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