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Primed Digital Flow as a Service

Re-imagined Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Business Process Management (BPM), and Intelligent Data Capture (IDC) - the acambah Primed Digital Flow as a Service (DFaaS) provides a set of fully connected content services that are pre-configured, production ready, scalable, and secureOur service combines many years of content centric, process driven, solution design and delivery experience with the flexibility, agility and power of leading cloud service providers.
acambah Primed -integrated Alfresco, Ephesoft, AWS
 Cloud ready acambah Primed, allows your organisation to implement truly connected content and business flows through a pre-configured, extensible, open source, enterprise content, business process management, and records management application. Our solutions are fully integrated with advanced intelligent document capture and are delivered ready for use immediately and require no further configuration or customisation.
Every acambah Primed solution, provides a rich set of functionality as standard, built on leading open source solutions from Alfresco and Ephesoft, which are securely provisioned via a range of compute, storage, database and network services from Amazon Web Services (AWS). The solution can also integrate with your on-premises and other cloud-based business and enterprise applications such as Active Directory, LDAP, CRM and ERP.

simply scale up as your business needs dictate

scale up as required - Alfresco, Ephesoft, AWS
Our approach allows you to start small and grow your pre-configured solution, dynamically adding in additional functionality and resource wherever they are required within your solution. This allows you to ensure both the features and the size of your system scale with the number of users that you are on-boarding at a particular time, the processes with which they are interacting and the content volumes that they are needed to store. Avoid the need to have redundant capacity sitting idle, waiting until you reach your target number of users, as per the traditional approach to data centre provisioning. Through dynamic scaling, our solution allows you to flex your processing power during peak times automatically, reducing back down once the excitement has subsided.

The rich, powerful, open features of the technologies below are embedded within our Primed solution.

Alfresco ECM
Activiti BPM
Ephesoft Intelligent Document Capture
Amazon Web Services Infrastructure as a Service
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