Control your content

intelligently secure your content

acambah Primed fully integrates Ascema, a powerful, smart, intelligent technology that locates, secures and controls the movement of sensitive data and intellectual property within your cloud collaboration environment as well as other ECM systems, email systems and much more. 

control your content with intelligent security

prepare against accidental exposure by your staff

The exposure of internal data, files and information can be accidental or malicious – no matter its cause, staff negligence is responsible for data loss more than 40% of the time. If accidental exposure is caused by lack of security awareness – staff don’t know the consequences of their misbehaviour – malicious exposure is the opposite: they are quite aware that their conduct is causing harm to the company.

protect against the insider threat

According to data security company CODE42, 78% of security professionals state that negligent and careless staff are the biggest threat. Why is that? Because staff don’t follow security policies and procedures, causing data leakage or inadvertently helping cyber criminals’ get into the company system. 90% of the organisations interviewed experienced at least one insider threat each month (the average is 9.3 insider threats per month!), which means that every month they had to manage consequences like business disruptions, heavy fines and, in the worst cases, business closure.
Ascema is fully integrated with acambah Primed, ensuring protection of high value information at content level and intervening before any breach of your information security policies occurs.

By recognising snippets of sensitive or classified content created, shared and edited by your users, Ascema allows you to take a hands-on approach to the active control of your sensitive content and intellectual property. With prescribed interventions and automated classification Ascema offers a simple to use solution to control the flow and copying of content both within your network and external collaboration environments. 
Advanced reporting tools


The standard user interface of acambah Primed provides the necessary functions that allow you to protect content without leaving your existing systems. One of the key benefits, is that user training is minimised and end user adoption is encouraged of this powerful technology.
Advanced reporting tools


Rather than manually protect each file, you can provide Ascema with template documents, that contain the structure and content you would like to protect. Once configured, documents that conform to this structure and/or content will automatically be classified anywhere they show up within your protected systems.
Advanced reporting tools


After examining your data, an irreversible fingerprint of the data is registered, leaving your data untouched within the original application e.g. ECM, File Store, etc. Various levels of configurable control are available within the standard solution, ranging from a simple user notification to full quarantine of any identified documents.
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