Building Your ECM

building your ECM for success

Here at acambah, we provide you with the ideal ECM solution to drive efficiency and streamline your business processes with features that fulfill your requirements. Review below the key components that we feel should exist in every solution that is managing your critical business information. Check these off against your own requirements, then contact us to understand how ECMaaS can benefit your organisation.

piecing together your ECM

In order to maximise the benefits from your ECMaaS solution and fully take advantage of the digital transformation within your business, you need to ensure that you have the key building blocks in place to provide applications that can manage and improve your business processes.
ECM as a Service
graphic of building blocks

must have features

document management - Securely store and manage documents in a structured way, ensuring that the content and the context is captured.

search – Provide easy access to find the documents or information that the user requires.

collaboration – Improve the way of sharing and working on documents, content and reports for both internal colleagues and external third parties, whether in project groups or one-to-one.

records management – Mark a document as a point in time record and provide automatic disposal of information when required by legislation.

business process management – Map out and manage the flow of content and documents through a business process reducing the time taken to perform tasks and providing more accountability.
Document conversion tools

key add-ons

document conversion - Paper information hampers the progress towards digital transformation. Therefore, it is imperative that hard copy information is converted and key information intelligently extracted, captured and stored within the ECMaaS, thus enabling powerful search, retrieval and reporting on your content.

archiving – Many organisations are required to keep content for many years, in most cases this content is never accessed but must be held for reference and in case of any litigation. Archiving provides the ability to move documents and information that is no longer needed for day-to-day operation onto cheaper storage medium.

reporting – Providing the facility to report on your content and processes, with the ability to drill down and understand your data, allowing you to make more informed business decisions.
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